Implant Restoration in Forest Hill, Toronto

One common problem that we help patients with is when they have missing teeth. Missing teeth have the potential to create multiple problems for your mouth, which includes:

  • Weakening your remaining teeth - Remaining teeth will have to compensate for the missing teeth and may weaken a tooth’s overall structure.
  • Increasing the risks of decay and gum disease - Bacteria and food debris may get trapped between the additional space created by missing teeth
  • Sticky foods - Weakened bite may cause difficulty chewing foods
  • Speaking problems - Certain words may be difficult to pronounce
  • Bone demineralization - Since the surrounding bone tissue is not being used as much, the tissues may erode and shrink

Due to these potential complications, your Forest Hill dentist may recommend to replace a missing tooth to assist with your oral health. Although there are a number of ways to replace a missing tooth, one method is to use an implant restoration in Forest Hill. Implant restorations are typically recommended for individual missing teeth when compared to removable dentures, which are made to substitute a wide area of the teeth; and dental bridges, which may require the use of existing teeth to anchor the device.

A dental implant is constructed of titanium and is surgically embedded directly into the jaw bone tissues beneath the gums. As the surrounding areas heal around the implant, it becomes fused. This is meant to provide a stable base to attach a replacement tooth. A dental crown, denture, or even a bridge can be attached to implants to help anchor them into place. Because dental implants are placed into the jawbone, they should not shift, move, or become loose once they are placed.

Dr. Paul Deratnay, your implant dentist in Forest Hill, will examine your mouth to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implant restoration. The ideal candidates are people with sufficient amounts of healthy gum and bone tissue. To find out if implant restoration is right for you, contact our dental clinic in Forest Hill Village or set up an appointment online.

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