Digital X-Rays in Forest Hill, Toronto

In order to offer patients dental care services that meet our standards, your oral exam with Dr. Paul Deratnay can also include digital X-rays. Digital X-rays allow us to discover, diagnose, and then ideally remedy dental issues that may not be seen during a regular visual examination.

X-rays, or radiographs, allow us to view the inside of your teeth as well as the root and bone tissues. These areas simply cannot be seen by the human eye during a visual exam. It is important to note that X-rays do not completely diagnose the mouth, and examinations will also be performed by your Forest Hill dentist to determine issues with areas of your mouth such as the gums.

X-rays will allow us to detect:

  • Hidden tooth decay
  • The tooth’s root to check for cysts or abscesses that may be present
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that may be hidden underneath the gum line
  • Bone loss that may be caused by gum disease

There are various types of X-rays that the dentist may use which include bitewing, periapical and panoramic radiographs.

  • Bitewing X-rays allow the dentist to view the dental crown section of the tooth and to see if there is any decay present between them.
  • Periapical X-rays allow the dentist to see your teeth’s bone height or root tips.
  • Panoramic radiographs take an image of the teeth, sinus, as well as upper and lower jaw regions. Panoramic radiographs can also detect cysts, tumors and jaw issues, bone problems, and impacted teeth.

The type of X-ray(s) that will be used will depend on your dentist’s office, type of equipment, and your specific case. When compared to x-rays which use photographic film, digital X-rays allow your family dentist in Forest Hill to enhance the photos to a greater degree for improved analysis. During your visit, Dr. Paul Deratnay will examine your teeth and gums to determine if X-rays should be taken. If it’s your first time seeing us, we may recommend a series of X-rays to get a complete overview of your oral tissues.

For more information on the X-rays used in our practice, contact us today or request an appointment online.

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