Dental Bridges in Forest Hill, Toronto

If you are missing teeth and hoping for a way to close the gap between them, Dr. Paul Deratnay can provide you with dental bridges as your Forest Hill dentist.

Missing teeth have the potential to cause problems that can impact you in different ways. These include:
Weakening your bite which can make it difficult to chew
Weakening the surrounding teeth and increasing the risk of damage
Increasing the risk of gum issues due to exposed tooth sockets
Aesthetic effects

Dentures, dental bridges, and dental implant restorations in Forest Hill are common ways to replace missing teeth. Dentures are more often used when multiple teeth are missing and can be substituted with a single device. A dental implant can be used for dentures, bridges, or individual teeth. However, they do require surgical procedures and a recovery process, and are not suitable for some patients. Each procedure has implications that you should make yourself aware of before deciding whether to proceed. Dr. Paul Deratnay can discuss these options with you.
A dental bridge is comprised of artificial teeth which are often cemented to your remaining teeth. Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is fused to the remaining teeth for support. This often requires the exterior of the surrounding teeth to be reduced in order to allow space for a dental fixture, similar to a crown, to be placed over the tooth’s structure. This process can typically take around three appointments, but can also forgo the surgical phase of implants.
Dental bridges can help reduce some of the negative effects of missing teeth, but you should consult with a dental professional if you have specific concerns.
If you are wondering whether dental bridges are a suitable option for you, contact Dr. Paul Deratnay as your Forest Hill dentist or request an appointment online. We will be more than happy to answer questions you may have about your oral health.

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